martes, 7 de abril de 2015

What is the future of the present?

If any person today turned back towards the past and tried to imagine then how things would be in the time to come, it would result absolutely unbelievable. Hard to think that there would not be flying cars and light sabers fuctioning as multipurpose tin openers and other thousand stupidities. In a sense, one considers that future isn’t a linear progression and that technology and invention have run too much for some aspects and have just decelerated for others. People still have sex by physical contact and most homes are unlocked through a not-original-at-all key. We thought we have grasped future, but it was just the weary present. The other guy was two steps before us.
The last craze seems the whatsapp application. Almost everybody is hooked to that shit. More than cocaine, I believe, although I don’t know if I’m also afraid of so dubious an acknowledgement. Communication has transformed into a big stupid speaker that let us contact distant people at the same time that deafens and silences those closer to us. And maybe you would prefer to be there instead of here, but I bet that if you stayed in the other location you would send interminable whatsapps to the mates in this. Yeah, those you ignored a couple of lines ago.  In any case, “talking” through written conversation demands new skills as important as having a driving license or being able of operating a modern computer.
For immense and neverending household chores, innovation never arrived. We still have to sweep the floor, do the washing and the ironing and change the baby’s nappies. Some things never change, even though you have enough money to buy a brand-new vacuum cleaner robot. As for personal hygiene, nothing new under the sun. We still get rid of dirt and smell through running water, and although wet wipes and dry shampoo do wonders, H2O is still the king of cleanliness.
And in love? Does technology selects for us in a more accurate way that that naive chubby angel with the arrow rarely reaching the correct buttocks? I’m afraid not. People choose as wrongly now as ever. Cupid’s post is safe and sound. Maybe he shot all of us in relation to our whatsapp application.

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