martes, 17 de marzo de 2015

Cyber revenge

Many amateur videos about homemade sex proliferate on the internet. Some are funny recordings about couples with a randy moment, taken by a security camera or a far cell phone, where situation and angle offer a comic sketch rather than a hot tape. The other variety puts the emphasis on heating the spectator up.
And things have changed a lot. In a world of interwoven communication, data interchange, instant information and almost free access to any kind of contents, it was just a matter of fact that pornography became boring. Just as operated boobs and streched faces have made beauty seem plastic-like, artificial, aseptic souless flesh on somebody’s bones, perfectly choreographed short videos recorded with wanking purposes have fallen in disgrace. To a certain extent. Reality overcomes fakes. Or, as they say, truth is stranger than fiction.
But we are not here to speak about the craze of homemade vs. professional sex. The reason of this essay, notwithstanding it comes right into the third paragraph, is to reflect about a new kind of love vengance. Forget about calling your ex at 3 pm. This is much funnier and humiliating. Follow these easy instructions. First, fuck her off. No, no, wait. Just without the preposition. Then convince her, in the name of the passion, your sacred love or whatever, to film both of you in sexual action. Don’t care about appearing on screen, you can add a tomato or any other covering mask to your face in all the stills later. Maybe you are not a sonofabitch. Perhaps you just recorded your girlfriend’s orography because it stimulated your horny mind or your hard-ons, I don’t care. Probably you thought you really love her.
But she left you. Now is the moment for the fuck off part. Remember that video with that so little becoming position of her? Yes, that with the big buttocks. Forget about it. You need to show the face. Now, who is the genuine sonofabitch, the immature, childish, tiny-penis complexed bastard who deserves a good eternal gonorrhea? Yeah, it’s you. Why don’t you cover her face with anonymity instead of those timid drops of masculinity and show off about the deed with your stupid ass-like face and your name subtitled?
Maybe amateur sex is good fun for some, but it isn’t when you don’t ask for permission. You deserve a good yellow badge of cowardice. And a kick in the nose too.
Although quite different, this kind of punishment is similar to beating a woman. I know it’s not the same and the possibility of a forbidden video coming into light is equally feasible for both male and female ex’s. But the fact is, there is no porn for women. Not in the classical term. The most similar thing is a new kind of 50-shadows-of-grey-like type of romantic, erotic stories or films. Women are not going to take revenge on you this way. They could find a thousand other types, but this is not one.
I don’t know if women should use the sexual attraction we feel for them to manipulate men. There have always been who did it and who didn’t. The truth is that most girls feel and think with the heart, and many boys with the cock. For whom does penis size matter? Surely for him, not for her! Those fucking minute dick(heads)!