martes, 9 de septiembre de 2014

Black is better

We could be talking about garments, wall colours or chess pieces, but actually this article is about the physical supremacy of black people over the white ones.
We have to admit it, negroes do better in a bunch of significant roles related to sports and are highly esteemed in terms of penis dimensions. Maybe size is not important. That is what we white people tend to say, but it is. At least, for males. Otherwise we won’t be all the time making comparisons in which, by the way, we always lose for an inch –or even far more. In porn, for example, black actors are continuously hired for their monster dicks. It doesn’t matter if only well-endowed guys appear on films moving foward and backwards and short-sized negroes are not allowed to fuck for film purposes. The fact is that I have never seen a black man without a long attribute.
As far as physique is concerned, they are again much better gifted than the average bloke in other races. Therefore it’s not strange if they do better at basketball or athletics, where is unthinkable that an Aryan could ever overcome them.
Nevertheless, things always have another side, and usually far more ugly than the previous one. Negroes are certainly the best in some aspects, but not necessarily in all. Coming back to sexuality, for instance, their elephant-size members have the same problem as that of the pachyderms: their penises are so huge that they usually can’t guarantee a complete erection. A flabby cock, no matter how big it is, is worse that a hard tiny willy. Flaccidity has always become a real battlehorse for Africans in action, as if skin colour paleness were strongly connected to hard-ons. At the end, no matter if prick size is good for its long proportion or the desire it awakes on women –and homosexual men, I guess– but functionality is even more important.
As for sports, black people are very good at them, but not at all. Have you ever seen a negro swimming like a mermaid in any major competition or skiing down a snowy mountain in any Winter Olympic Games edition? Maybe you guys can fuck deeper and jump higher, run faster and play better, but you won’t screw first in the Hymalayas or across the Amazon. You can’t win always, dudes.