viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

Too numb?

In this days of crises and shortages, where everybody tries to survive under harsh conditions, and truly unaware of the harsher circumstances of the neighbour, we average people are getting used to undergoing social cuts and impoverishment without any simptom of discontent but resignation. Everyone is becoming poorer, but no one does anything apart from turning up in endless demonstrations. Getting into politics is a tricky matter, and trying to stop financial abuse a chimera, but the former and the latter are the ones to blame for the economic situation. The population seems to forget that banks are made of our capital, little, but a big amount when added to everybody else’s. And they at least have made themselves, whereas politicians are supposedly elected by us –each and every of us–, which is not a big deal but we did the choice.
Being things like they are, what really strikes me is that we all don’t go out and hang –metaphorically– these two lineages, bankers and politicians up the highest tree everywhere. Maybe it’s high time to stop swallowing corruption, overtaxing and abusive conditions imposed by the powerful, that prepotent bunch of villains and to make them eat desperation, poverty, lack of opportunities, hanger, unemployment, inflation and vital uncertainty. We need a big revolution because capitalism only makes the rich richer, and the poor, bloody poorer. We have long been ripped off. Now, ¿who’s gonna paid for the crashed lives in that huge economical accident they had with all of us sitting behind without seatbelt?