sábado, 23 de mayo de 2015

The tiranny of the idle

He's charming, well educated, tender, clever and sophisticated... the perfect partner. The only little problem is... you know, that he is not very eager to work.
Guys like this are more common than it seems and, if you have one in your life, be ready for an extra sacrifice in the name of love.
Of course the range of people include both male and female adults, youngsters, oldies and babies, but some have more excuse than others to be lazy. It’s not the same being an adolescent with the head full of partying and interminable whatsapp conversation about such paramount topics as hairstyle or the last hangover than becoming a supposedly respectable mum with two children and enormous economic and familiar responsibilities.
The point is, some humans don’t accomplish their duties. They have even developed extraordinary skilful excuses to put the blame on somebody else, the Government, destiny or a bad patch. If they are the one and only in their life, superb! Everybody waste his time in his own manner: sweeping the Sahara desert’s sand, sniffing the money out or collecting stupidities acquired via ebay. But, unless your are a weird alien fallen from the red planet, or a superfreak with no friends or relatives because they abandoned you by a rivershore in a wicker basket, you must contribute to the family economy. Maybe not earning good money. Finding a job nowadays seems impossible mission sometimes. But you can take care of the children as well. Or cleaning the house, cooking or doing the ironing. Household chores are almost infinite. You only need to use your imagination. And your hands. What you can’t do is nothing. Waiting for your ideal job to come out of the blue or even praying for such a chance not to appear.
If you are the other one, the sufferer, good luck. You will need it. God knows how much effort you will make in the name of a bad understood affection. If it’s your offspring I can still sort of admit your patience. Any other case you deserve what you have at home. Do company and two screws a week deserve it? I answer you: not at all.